Pick and Pack

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We’ve developed Pick and Pack to the point where we can handle 30,000 items a day. It’s all done in a controlled environment. And we really do mean controlled! Our system can pick one item or a thousand items. We know where an item is in the warehouse. Which pallet it’s on. And on that pallet we know which box it’s in.

We do that for over 10 million items a year. And all the time we’re communicating with our customers’ and carriers’ external systems so that everybody knows where every item is.

Constantly evolving to meet specific market needs is part of our mission. A thriving example is our Pick and Pack work for delegate packs. We process over 80,000 packs, for delivery to around 3000 events a year. It’s all controlled by our in-house software, providing end-to-end tracking of the product from receipt of files for printing through to delivery to the event.