Corporate and Social Responsibility

We see our corporate responsibility as a duty to provide an environment in which our people are engaged, trained to broaden their skills and enjoy real job satisfaction. We strive to develop a team spirit, with high morale and involvement. Our management style is transparent – we want everyone to know where we’re going, and how they can help us get there. Everyone’s contribution is valued.

Our staff are reviewed, encouraged and supported as part of a continuous progress, not as a legal necessity. They are rewarded, because they achieve.

We work hard at creating a good place for people to work. And that includes making it a safe environment.

The safety of the greater environment matters to us as well. Year on year we’ve taken steps to reduce our environmental impact. We’ve reduced our solvent use and our percentage of waste paper. We’ve purchased cleaner, more efficient equipment and vehicles.

Our continual programme of updating machinery and equipment has also increased our power efficiency.

Converting our lighting to energy-efficient LEDs has been a successful move. We also ensure that our premises, plant and equipment are well maintained to ensure they’re working at optimum efficiency.

And that’s before we talk about the actual printing, where the majority of our inks are vegetable oil-based, platemaking is a water-based process, and our five colour press has a zero carbon footprint.

We recycle our waste paper, packaging and general waste.

In fact, our attitude to our corporate and social responsibilities echoes exactly the values and offerings of Page Bros Group. For our people, our customers and the planet, from our start point in print, we’ve built a business in which we create, we fulfil and we enable.