Our goal has always been to ensure that we deliver the most effective and innovative products and services. Increasingly we underpin that with the need to develop a corporate and social responsibility, meeting and supporting the needs of every sector of society.

By modifying content we can now ensure that people with special requirements are not disadvantaged by receiving material they can’t deal with. We can create a level playing field by making material more accessible.

We target different conditions, providing custom formatting for each one, ensuring the recipient receives something they can use. Enable is the latest in the long history of innovation that has defined Page Bros Group.

Enable – some practical examples


We are long-term and highly trusted suppliers to examination boards. Now, adding value to the relationship and huge benefits to individuals, we can ensure no exam candidate is disadvantaged. Techniques we use include:

  • Changing type size
  • Using alternative colours in documents
  • Ensuring contrast ratios
  • Simplifying diagrams
  • Optimising for on-screen readers

The Public

Here’s an example of how we can help. Councils send out Council Tax Summaries from an automated system, knowing it can only output standard fixed content. But they also know the demographic of their audience is made up like this:

  • A group that finds corporate font difficult to read due to the brand guidelines which require text to be grey
  • People over 70 who would benefit from larger text
  • A group that has dyslexia, so the document should be on a non-white background, with underlining and italics removed and replaced with bold for emphasis, and text aligned left with a ragged right, with a larger line spacing
  • A group who have colour blindness
    • Tritanopia
    • Deuteranopia
    • Protanopia

We can take that information, scan each address, identify the recipient and look up their needs.

We’ll then extract the data out of the document, and apply the correct accessibility rules for that person. These records will then be pulled from the main run, and printed on a suitable machine.

Look at what we can do! Take the group with colour blindness. How do they engage with a pie chart used to show where the Council Tax money goes, when the chart contains red, green, blue and purple?

We’ll replace the colours in that graphic to ensure there are no colour clashes. Red and green wouldn’t be on the same chart, nor would blue and purple. A legend isn’t much use when the colours look the same.

And for those in the over-70 group? They will never know that they received a 16pt text instead of 12pt. We’ve sorted it for them. In advance.

It’s a service that ticks every one of our boxes. Innovative. Ethical. Socially responsible. Downright helpful!

It’s how we see Page Bros Enable.