Fold Your Own Origami Santa Claus!

You will need: 20cm square origami paper.

You can download our printable origami paper here:

1) With the white side facing up, fold the square in half twice,making opposite points meet.

2) Turn over to the red side, making sure the Page Bros logos on the pattern are the correct way up. Then fold the left and right points into the centre.

3) Fold the flaps diagonally, lining the edge up with the edge of the diamond shape.

4) Unfold and lay flat.

5) Fold the left point inwards just before the diagonal crease you just made.

6) Unfold.

7) Fold the left point to the straight fold you just created.

8) Refold across the crease you made on step 5, tucking in the corner. Repeat steps 5-8 on the right hand side.

9) Fold your diamond shape in half to make a triangle. Make sure the Page Bros Logos on the pattern are still the correct way up before starting step 10.

10) Fold the bottom marked point (both layers) up to meet the centre top marked point.

11) Fold down marked point (one layer).

12) Fold down the marked point (second layer), leaving a small gap.

13) Fold the marked point back up across the dotted line, it should overhang.

14) Fold the overhanging point backwards and tuck it behind.

15) Fold the left-hand side diagonally upwards to start forming the arms.

16) Unfold and repeat step 15 on the right-hand side.

17) Fold diagonally downwards on both sides so your origami looks like step 18.

18) Unfold step 17.

19) Pinch the two marked points together. Holding them pinched, move down in the direction of the arrow. Then flatten towards the top to look like step 20. Repeat on the other side.

20) Fold along the dotted line forwards towards the middle.

21) Fold behind along the dotted lines so the flaps meet in the middle at the back.

22) Fold the arms out diagonally and down from the inside.

23) Create diagonal creases on the legs, then push the feet out from the inside along the creases.

24) You now have a completed origami Santa Claus! You can tape a loop of string to his back to hang him from your tree.

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