Fold Your Own Origami Christmas Tree

You will need: a pair of scissors and a 20cm square piece of origami paper.

You can download our printable version below. Simply print it and cut it out as accurately as you can.

Now let’s begin…

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1) Fold your square in half twice horizontally and twice diagonally, green sides together.

Origami Christmas Tree Folding Instructions step by step

2) Once you have folded the square 4 times, turn to the white side and rotate it 45 degrees.

3) Lift the sides up and then pull downwards to meet the bottom point.

4) Push the top down to become a flat folded square.

5) Take one layer and fold into the centre to make a flap.

6) Flip the square over and repeat on the other side.

7) You should now have an upside down kite shape.

8) Fold out the right flap and pinch the marked corner, with your thumb inside the opening.

9) Push the fold marked A back on itself into the centre and flatten by pulling point B to the right.

10) Repeat on the left side, then flip and repeat on the back.

11) Cut the bottom triangle off straight through all the layers.

12) Now cut through all the layers about halfway into the middle, making sure you space these cuts evenly.

13) On the right-hand side, fold down diagonally along the top of each cut to create your branches.

14) Repeat on the right-hand side on all layers, make sure you fold the same side and direction, spread out your branches to complete your tree!

Well done! You now have a finished origami Christmas tree which should look something like this.

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