The Hidden Destiny – Paul Jackson | Book Typesetting & Printing

Earlier this year, Paul Jackson came to us with the ambition to publish his first book. The book existed in the form of a word document, which needed to be typeset with various images throughout. Paul was new to the world of Adobe InDesign and needed some help to get started. 

As experts in typesetting and print, we could see how this finished project could look and how to get there. We guided Paul throughout the entire typesetting and printing process: from learning InDesign and designing his front cover to choosing the right print finish and foiling for the book. 

Paul Jackson - The Hidden Destiny

Paul was delighted with the finished book and has given us some great feedback on the book project and his experience.

“The journey of creating and getting my book, The Hidden Destiny, into print has been a long one. However, it would never have happened without the guidance and support of Page Bros, and in particular, Victoria Blackwell. 

I had been determined to design the book myself with InDesign and the first thing Victoria suggested on seeing the story was to give the writing ‘more air’ on the page. Victoria’s ability to see what was best for the Novel during the months and its various stages of development was pivotal. 

From advising on the ‘space’ around the text, to her suggestions of the placement of illustrations and the use of the Foiling, all her advice was given to me with a sense of knowledge, with patient detail and clarity. Which was much needed on my part.

From my first meeting with Steven Pyke and his sense of a real interest in my book, I have found Page Bros to have been a very positive experience. I will be back for Book Two. 

Whether you’re new to publishing, or you already have a number of titles in print, what you need is both an interest in the book you have created and a sense that your newest creation is in safe hands. Page Bros, through Victoria Blackwell and Steven Pyke, certainly gave me that.” 

– Paul Jackson

The book was hardback bound with foil ‘New Penny Copper’ applied to the front cover. The book also included printed endpapers and a large-scale ‘The Realms of Elsewhere’ map, which we carefully hand-inserted into the back of each copy.

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