Page Bros X Lacons

What happens when two iconic Norfolk brands come together…

The Falcon trade magazine – a quarterly publication of all things brew, produced by Lacons and printed by Page Bros.

Introducing Lacons

Lacons are an independent family-owned brewery, pioneering great beer within East Anglia since 1760.

After two centuries of brewing, a metropolitan giant took over and shut down operations. Determined to preserve their legacy, they stored eight yeast strains at the National Yeast Bank.

In 2013, Lacons reclaimed their independence and started brewing again using their original yeast, seamlessly weaving a piece of their history into every brew.

Lacons have partnered with Page Bros to produce a special edition of the Falcon to celebrate their ten-year milestone. 

A link with Page Bros centuries ago

Page Bros have been established in Norwich since 1746. Interestingly, the connection between Lacons and Page Bros goes beyond their shared heritage.

Lacons discovered a link between them when showing visitors around their museum at the brewery. They noticed ‘Printed by Page Bros, Norwich’ on the bottom of a vintage poster. The poster dates to the late 1800s when Page Bros had a well-known reputation for poster printing.

Following this discovery, Lacons and Page Bros met by chance at a local event called Brandland.

Brandland flies the flag for Norfolk, celebrating historic and established brands and those just emerging into the area. Through a series of events, they provide a platform to showcase these brands and to create meaningful connections between them.

A partnership develops

Lacons and Page Bros quickly discovered they both highly valued their local heritage and shared a commitment to a forward-thinking approach. Both of which have been instrumental in their ongoing success.

Lacons sought a printing partner that also shared their core values: quality, consistency, and innovation and sustainability. Page Bros uphold these values by embracing innovative litho and digital technology; and ensuring the production of high-quality printing using environmentally conscious practices.

Page Bros and Lacons take immense pride in rekindling their relationship, bridging a gap of almost two centuries to share their story today.

You can find this issue of The Falcon in pubs and restaurants across East Anglia until the end of July 2023.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video showing the journey of The Falcon Magazine from paper to pub.