Bedtime Stories – NNFest

Snuggle up and get ready for bed, and a child from across the globe will tell you a bedtime story.

Bedtime Stories‘ is a project directed by Joshua Sofaer, which inverts the paradigm of traditional storytelling.

This project utilises international time differences and technology to connect and educate different parts of the world through native storytelling. But this time, the children are telling the stories. 

Children aged between 9 and 12 took part in storytelling and safeguarding workshops, preparing them to perform their story via livestream.

This exchange starts with children in Montréal (Canada) telling stories to the residents of Norfolk (UK); continues with children in Singapore telling tales to those in Montreal; and ends with adults in Singapore receiving stories from Norwich, completing the nocturnal cycle of ‘Bedtime Stories’.

The project took place in Summer 2022 as a part of Norfolk and Norwich Festival, OFFTA (Canada), and StoryFest (Singapore).

We recently produced a book detailing the unique experience, complete with striking colour photographs of the children involved.

Book Design: David Caines

Cover Illustration: Palomao Villareal