Shred Station – our recycling partners.

At Page Bros, we proudly hold the ISO 14001 certification which was created by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) to help businesses reduce their impact on the environment. 

Recycling is important. Our chosen recycling partner is Shred Station as they always take an eco-friendly and secure approach to destroy confidential data, they also guarantee that absolutely none of the material they shred goes to landfill. This helps to reduce our carbon footprint as a business. Not only that, but Shred Station are also part of the Plant a Tree initiative in the UK where customers can opt-in to allow Shred Station to plant a tree for every tonne shredded on their behalf. This scheme resulted in over 4200 trees being planted between 2018-2019! 

We have recently printed some fantastic children’s activity books to support Shred Stations’ latest mission to educate children and teachers within schools to feel confident about data destruction. The book is called Simon Shred Goes to School. Children can follow Simon on his quest to help students learn about data recycling and shredding in a fun, easy to understand, and interactive way. And, of course, these books have been printed on recycled paper. 

Get in touch with Shred Station today to request some Simon Shred activity books for your school or nursery. Or want to find out more? Shred Station are always happy to share their knowledge about shredding, recycling, and the environment to help other businesses and individuals.