Page Bros achieve the highly regarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

At Page Bros we take cyber security seriously. Over the last six months, our technical team have been working towards achieving the highly regarded Cyber Essentials Plus certification. This means that as a business our technology is always up to date and we follow best practice to prevent cyber-attacks. The auditing process tested and surveyed every piece of software and technology, gave recommendations and, where necessary, implemented their key controls before awarding the certification.

The five key controls the scheme implements are:

  • Boundary Firewalls – Keep out dangerous network traffic.
  • Secure Configuration – Reduce vulnerabilities when building and installing computers and network devices.
  • Malware Protection – Antivirus measures to protect against malicious software entering the computer system.
  • Patch Management – Keeping software up to date to reduce access to hackers unauthorised access through known vulnerabilities in out of-date software.
  • User Access Control – Restrict access to a minimum, only allow known users with known authorisation to access resources.

This certification will enable us to expand into new markets, including government and MOD contracts. Our existing clients can also be reassured that they can share secure data and files with us. With the best cyber security measures in place, all data and files will be held safely and securely.