In With the Interior Design Crowd.

We love printing books with a special finish, this book looks fantastic on uncoated paper, punchy pink ink and a glossy clear foil on the front cover.

The author Lucy Painter, director of Studio Recruitment has blessed us with real life wisdom from some influential people in the industry. For any young graduates or junior interior designers this is a must read guide to help you secure work within the design industry.

With so many opportunities out there, embarking on a career or making a move in interior design can be daunting. In with the Interior Design Crowd is an insider’s guide to getting your foot in the door, on site, and under the desk of your dreams. Filled with expert advice from industry leaders, you’ll discover how to find a job you love, transition somewhere new, or venture into freelancing.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Advice on how to whip your CV into shape and prepare your portfolio like a pro
  • Tips on how to hunt for the job you want, ace your interviews,and negotiate the salary you deserve
  • In-depth designer profiles, including sneak peeks at their portfolios
  • Details of 250 companies and their specialities

“No matter what stage you’re at, this book is brimming with real-world wisdom about the skills and experience you’ll need to climb the ladder that looks best to you. Get ready to design a career that counts with advice that can help get you there. “

– Lucy Painter

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