From the Minds of Babes

We have been very proud to print a little book of stories adorned with whimsical watercolour illustrations by the very talented Mentol, and graphic design by Aimee Capstick.

Maura Connolly, author of From the Minds of Babes, is now in her 80th year but has always been fascinated by the logic of children’s brains and how it translates into their speech.

The mother of five grown-up children, Maura started to make little notes of funny stories from her children’s younger years which offered a glimpse into the innocence and impeccable logic of a child’s mind. These stories would occasionally be shared with friends, but Maura always hoped that one day she could share them with a wider audience. For many years, the collection lay in a cupboard collecting dust. But now, with the help of her sons and many kind people who organised a kick-start fundraiser, her dream has become a reality.

“It is the combination of innocence and fearlessness in these stories that entertains me so much, and I can only hope you enjoy them too.”


This book was published in 2019 by Caper Press, London. All proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Society and can be purchased here.