Guide to a fine city

If you think you know what city guides look like, think again. Packed with adverts and garish promotions? Not this one.

The creative people at SHHHH do things with impeccable style and expertise. What is more, they live, work and study in Norwich, injecting authentic local knowledge and enthusiasm into their artistic work.

Full of beautiful photographs and short-but-sweet summaries, the SHHHH Guide to Norwich perfectly captures the character of almost two hundred local gems. With chapters on food, shopping, Norwich market, days out, pubs, the arts and wellbeing (and that’s just a start), the guide is as invaluable for visitors to the city as it is life-enhancing for those of us who live here but perhaps stopped exploring years ago.

SHHHH describe themselves as ‘an ever-changing collective of Norwich creative folk’, including many graduates from UEA and NUA. The Guide to Norwich is one of their best known and loved projects. With copywriters, graphic designers and photographers drawn from their ranks, the book is as pleasurable to read as it is informative.

There is something worth discovering for every reader, regardless of budget or taste: from fine dining to chips on the market, vegan cuisine to carnivorous catering, contemporary art studios to the great outdoors.

The common thread that links them all can be traced back to Sam Harrons, SHHHH founder and the guide’s Creative Director. Passionate about the environment and mindful of the wider impact of our consumer and leisure choices, he has produced in this collection a celebration of all that is sustainable, organic, local and independent in our fine city.

We are thrilled to be printing this treasure trove once again. The 2018 edition contains almost double the content of last year’s, and can be found at the UEA, Jarrolds, Waterstones and many of the book’s featured businesses.