Introducing Page Bros Group

Page Bros have been perfecting the art of print for almost two hundred years. We can actually trace our heritage back almost a century further, to 1746, when the business was established in Norwich. It flourished as a family enterprise, making a name for itself in the printing industry and managed by members of the Page family until 1947.

Today we continue to build on a reputation grown over generations, investing in our expertise and technology. The result? State-of-the-art quality and design, delivered reliably to customers both locally and across the world.

Print remains central to our business, but we also specialise in creative work and fulfilment. In 2016, we rebranded as Page Bros Group, to reflect a growing involvement in all stages of the communications process: from design through to production and delivery.

We work with publishers, academic bodies, graphic design agencies, charities, schools, universities, as well as the finance and retail sectors. Whatever the project, we listen to our customers and strive to tailor-make their requirements to an impeccable standard.

In Page Bros Create, we have a wealth of experience in designing products that deliver a targeted impact. Our in-house creative team liaise with the production and print management teams from the outset. From books and magazines to brochures, catalogues, calendars and greetings cards, right down to the humble business card or flyer: our designs are all underpinned by practical expertise.

We are constantly looking for new approaches and technologies to meet our customers’ needs. Back in the 1960s, we became one of the first companies to install computer-assisted composition and typesetting systems, and the investment has continued over the decades. In the last year, we have installed a digital Indigo B2 press to deliver the ultimate in digital print quality: it’s one of just 20 nationwide capable of printing in a larger format. This was followed by our second Heidelberg 5-colour press with Inpress colour control.

Three months later we unveiled a new, custom-built wrapping line. Measuring 30 metres, this bespoke technology – designed in Italy and unique to Page Bros Group – enables us to process twelve thousand products an hour, and provides meticulous tracking for secure items.

We have earned a name for reliability in the printing and delivery of confidential materials. Now one of the UK’s largest distributors of secure products, we work to ISO27001, the international standard for information security. As a result of rigorous security procedures and a highly-controlled production environment, Page Bros have worked on major government contracts, and enjoy long-term, trusted relationships with academic and examination bodies both in the UK and across the world.

Increasingly our experience and creativity lead us to find innovative ways to meet the needs of every sector of society. Page Bros Enable are specialists in custom-formatting, to ensure that people with specific requirements are not disadvantaged by receiving material they can’t deal with. Our typesetting team change type size, alter colours, ensure contrast ratios, simplify diagrams and optimise documents for on-screen readers, all alongside a standard print run. It’s part of our ongoing commitment to use print to its greatest potential, for the benefit of every single customer.