Csics├│ - Customer Services Executive

My journey with Page Bros started in January 2012. Working as a picker/packer gave me the opportunity to gain some basic knowledge of the printing industry.

In 2014 I joined the commercial department. It was a big commitment, because I was a third year student of English specialising in translation studies at Holy Cross University in Kielce (Poland). But juggling work and studies has taught me how to manage my time effectively, which is a key skill in our business environment.

By supporting commercial executives I’ve learned how the firm operates, how to get closer to the client, and I’ve obtained a better feel for what’s happening in the market.

I’m also pursuing a Master’s degree in English. How would I describe myself? Someone who starts every day with a new hope for a better tomorrow. From picker/packer through to commercial assistant to…. who knows? This is just the beginning of my journey!