Hilton - Director of Commercial Operations

I’m a Page Bros man through and through. I started here when I was 19, progressing through the Commercial Department to become Senior Estimator.

It’s said that I produced so many spreadsheets, facts and figures that they invented the role of Commercial Analyst for me! Despite our MD having described me as an ‘enigma’, I use my skills to provide the board with business intelligence, and I maintain our MIS system.

I am renowned for pursuing various projects and, although they are a mystery to some, it is acknowledged that I’m the ‘oil that keeps the cogs running’. My systems and statistics work!

On a personal level, there are colleagues who claim that I’ve singlehandedly kept the motor industry alive. Well, 19 vehicles in 14 years is going some I suppose!

I’m fond of a takeaway too although there is no truth in the rumour that I’m the reason KFC opened up opposite our factory!