Gaumé - Commercial Services Executive

I joined Pages in June 2019 as Customer Service Team Leader, having worked in Direct Mail for nearly 10 years.

We were a small hands on team in the mailing house, and this gave me experience in all aspects of running a production business. Right from the start of the process with enquiries and estimating, to the last part of getting work out the door and invoiced, I’ve done most jobs along the line at one point or another (both in the office and on the shop floor).

I’ve had a varied working life, starting out in in the jewellery trade when I left school, then moving to Foreign exchange at Gatwick Airport, then back to retail for a spell. I left the retail industry when I relocated to Norfolk and moved into financial services, becoming a CeMAP qualified mortgage advisor for many years.

Every job I’ve had has involved dealing with customers in one way or another, both B2C and B2B, and it’s that interaction that I really enjoy. Whether it be a simple enquiry, or sorting out complex problems, it’s very rewarding.