Farrell - HR manager

I have worked for global companies and SMEs, locally and nationally, in general HR and employee relations.

My job is to make sure that we attract, develop and retain the right people to help us deliver the best possible customer experience.

We want Page Bros to be a good place to work, where you can develop your career and feel part of a company that is going places.

We work with local schools and networks to mentor students and give them experience in a STEM industry. We are currently working with industry partners and the British Printing Industries Federation to develop an apprenticeship programme.

Because of our strong customer base and reputation in the business, we are able to attract experienced people to do the wide range of roles that make up Page Bros.

What makes us a good company to work for? We have a lot of long-standing employees, which gives the feel of a family, and they make every effort to meet customer requirements. Teamwork is important to us, but we also encourage the departments to work together on solutions and deadlines. We believe in training and developing our employees to be the best they can be at their role. We always look to promote internally. We work to provide an environment where people want to work.