Dixon - Receptionist

I remember the exact date I joined Page Bros. It was 3rd April 1989. It was not long after my daughter Laura was born, and my son Grant was just four years old.

I returned to work to find an ancient switchboard, just like the one I’d left at my previous job. There was even a manual typewriter. It was like a step back in time! We soon updated and, daunting as it was at the time, I soon got used to a PC. It’s odd to think that it’s just the ‘norm’ now.

I like to think I’ve become ‘the voice of Page Bros’. And the ears too. I can recognise customers’ voices instantly, which astounds them. I see it as part of our service. I think I inherited the skill from my late mother. She was a telephonist/receptionist too.

I have a reputation within the company. ‘If you need or want something done, speak to Cheryl’, they say. The phrase ‘you’ve been Cheryled’ is part of the language around here!

Most of our staff refer to me as ‘Mother’, which is rather nice at my age with retirement looming!

I’ve seen a lot of changes in the 27 years I have been with the company. And I’ve loved every minute.